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Compass Point Marketing (CPM) offers a wide range of services and price levels for Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, including Display Advertising. We create targeted campaigns that when clicked, lead back to keyword optimized landing pages. We then track visitors to the webpages and adjust those pages content and layout to increase conversions for orders, calls, form submissions and other objectives you have for your business.

We provide each of our customers a recommended monthly budget amount in order for their site to be found. Under or over funding a Pay Per Click service is one of the biggest items customers need to understand to create conversions. Right keywords, right ads, right webpages with the right budget can equal major success. We ensure your budgets are accurate. And our customers don’t receive surprise bills from Google Adwords. When a monthly Pay Per Click budget is set with Compass Point we adhere to it.

What makes us different is we are experts not only in Pay Per Click campaigns but also Search Engine Optimization and Order Conversion Optimization. When you combine those 3 skills into one campaign, results and ROI is what you can expect when you work with Compass Point Marketing.


74% of internet users use local searches
82% of those will follow up with a visit, call or purchase

Ensure your company is on the map with Compass Point Marketing!

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