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SEO Services

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO Services Only:

"Making Waves" Basic Plan

$1000 per month

“Branding on Google” by keeping code clean for Google crawl errors as well as ensuring business is verified on Google maps and search console. The perfect service for ensuring your brand is visible online. Also great if your target market is a small geo target of just one city's name, and/or a limited number of keywords with relativity little online competition.

"Ocean Swells" Enhanced Plan

$2000 per month

Includes Basic services, plus incorporating writing a monthly blog posted to the website as well as the development and execution of an online SEO marketing plan for keyword ranking. We might offer/suggest a Adwords (pay per click) program instead of the blog. This plan is best for a slightly larger geo of multiple "connected" cities within one metroplex. We'll assess your online competitors and determine the keywords that can create quality traffic to your site for ROI. A great plan for businesses looking for new prospects as we optimize the site and landing pages for keywords.

"Tropical Storm" Premium Plan

$3000 per month

Includes Enhanced plan with the addition of a re-marketing advertisement to drive traffic back to the website and/or blog post. Plus, blog posting on Google, Facebook and LinkedIn with links back to the article. Or the ability to track all your online leads (regardless thru CPM or another vendor) by using java script and tracking software for calls, emails, online sales and other conversions. The perfect plan for businesses whom sell statewide or nationally. This monthly service's objective is to show search engines landing pages, blogs, product/services pages are created and optimized to be the absolute best source for online information concerning a topic. Once traffic is realized, we work to ensure prospects are engaged and ultimately become customers through business's sales process.

"Hurricane" Superior Plan

Based on Market and Need

Includes Premium plan services, with social marketing targeted advertisements to specific areas of town, job descriptions, job titles, owners, net worth, age, interest, family status and more targeting options. Reach the most possible prospects for you business. This level is best if the website has already had a previous SEO company doing monthly work but the results are not satisfactory. Compass Point will show the client specifically which keywords and areas to target and build whatever amount of content it takes to create traffic and leads. Best for industries needing a lot of keywords or with a lot of online competitors.

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